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Specially designed for Indonesia tropical climate. No more maintaining charge level, and therefore saves time and maintenance cost. Stores electrical energy longer and suitable for vehicle that is seldom used or vehicle in cold condition (start-up). Corrosion/rust free.


Mobil 1

Mobil 1 is truly a global formulation, exceeding the latest standards of the oil industry and vehicle manufacturers. It exceeds API Service SM/CF. They are certified as "Energy Conserving" and approved against Mercedes-Benz's specification.


Veuro VE302

Veuro VE302 formulated to provide you with premium confort on luxurious cars. Employing the Digital Rolling Simulation III which has been improved from its previous technology, this tyre is designed after tremendous research with higher precisions.



Get the original spare parts for your car air-conditioner. DENSO's air conditioners have consistently held the top share in the global market since 1990. Quality and coldness guaranteed with Denso.

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